Tarba Tron – Cam Assembly and Drive

With the help of a few awesome Milwaukee Makerspace members, I finished the first full test fit of the cam assembly. I forgot to take pictures but luckily Pete and Amy were on the ball.

There are (15) different cam shapes and I laser cut (2) of each. Every thing came together easily except that I mistakenly cut (4) of cam #11 and none for #12. I can only fit 27 cams on the shaft so I will be taking away (1) of #15, which lie smack dab in the middle, and both #1, which are located at the ends.

The next step to get this assembly spinnin'. I finished the cam shaft saddle and plate on the drive side. I have integrated the wooden gear into the support structure. I hope to finish the other side and spin it by hand this weekend.